Silly Human, Emily Is For Kids (xcrossurheartx) wrote in x_beauty_x,
Silly Human, Emily Is For Kids

hi.. applacation


.:*name// Emily
*:.age/birthday// 17 may 4th
.:*location// miami
* f
.:*nationality// white lol

Do you..

.:*drink// nope
*:.smoke// nope
.:*do drugs// nope


.:*coffee or hot chocolate// hot coco
*:.pants or skirts// pants
.:*t-shirt or tank-top// tee
*:.sweater or sweatshirt// swaeter

What are your views on...

.:*gay marriage// if your happy! go for it!
*:.abortion// im pro-choice... if something terrable went wrong.. then.. i think you should ahve the freedom to correct it.. but... i have seen people use it as a birth control.. here in miami its okay to abort a fetus up to 6 months which means the baby is alive.. and well ive seen kids get rid 6 fetuses at 6 different times and it was the same person... that right there.. it wrong... but if u got raped or something bad happend then yes i believe you should be able to...
.:*war// im against it... i mean.. thats just wrong.. a friend of mines went to iraq and he sent me a letter explaining what pain he had...

Tell me//About..

.:*life// my life? or just life ingeneral? umm my life is great.. i have a loving boyfriend of 3 years.. life ingeneral "dont be taken advatange of, no matter who you are, you are special, and should be treated like that"
*:.relationships// are good if youve got a tight grip..
.:*a joke// i dont have one lol
*:.a funny story// my friend marlene and i are always some how makeing up all of these inside jokes.. one time.. it was late and we were talking about why were afraid of the dark, and i saw something out of the coner of my eye and it was a tall tall nut cracker or presedent lincon, when i looked again it looked like he kept shrinking and shirnking.. i dunoo.. we thought it was funny..
title or description sorry so bigg eek!
title or description red hair.. yes its natural
title or description i died it tho, thats my boyfriend

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