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Flying Purple Monkeys are COOL!!!!!!

I did as y’all asked and added more pictures! YAY! So here we go, I’m submitting this again, if that’s okay…


.:*name// Courtney
*:.age/birthday// 16, 2-27-88
.:*location// Hawaii (Nope not paradise)
* Female
.:*nationality// Actually, I’ve got no idea…I know I’m part finish (Finland) and somewhat Indian, even though I’m pale!

Do you..

.:*drink// Socially, yep. (Hey come on, gotta stay “cool” in high school)
*:.smoke// I did once, to piss of my ex-boyfriend…
.:*do drugs// Sadly…I did…when I was 13. I was a messed up little girl!


.:*coffee or hot chocolate// Coffee if I’ve got math first period…other wise, I make a mean home-made hot chocolate.
*:.pants or skirts// Skirts…unless the pants are REALLY cute. I’m a fashion addict.
.:*t-shirt or tank-top// T-Shirt. I don’t like my arms. Nuff said : D
*:.sweater or sweatshirt// Sweatshirt for warmth…sweater for style. But hey, when do we REALLY wear sweaters/sweatshirts in Hawaii? Oh yeah that’s right…when it drops BELOW 70. We’re crazy Island folk.

What are your views on...

.:*gay marriage// I’m all for it. Everyone deserves a chance at happiness.
*:.abortion// As long as its not used as a form of birth control it’s a good option for girls who got into the wrong sorts of “situations”.
.:*war// We do what we need to do, and I happen to like the president and I think he’ll make the best choice for it. Yes, I feel sorry for those we loose in war but they died for our freedom and I appreciate that everyday of my life.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// I entered the gates of heaven and looked up at god and he said “I guess I owe you an apology don’t I?”. Okay okay okay, so it isn’t really THAT bad.
*:.relationships// Can I tell you about mine? Because really it’s quite funny….I dated my best friend’s boyfriend for a year and a half (this was AFTER they broke up)…he dumped me 2 months ago FOR HER….what a crazy web we weave.
.:*a joke// A dirty joke? Two horses fell in the mud. A kinky joke? Three came out. (Okay so its not that amusing but its hard being put on the spot)
*:.a funny story// We were standing in line talking about the hot guy standing in front of us (okay so my friends arent exactly discreet people) but yeah, we were coughing and saying things under our breath and the guy turns around and says “Cough drop?” handed me a cheery cough drop. I refuse to take any of my friends out of their cages again.

Hey at least it’s a headshot right? *e-giggle*

Okay so it’s more art than an actual photo…but hey u get a nice shot of the nose and lips…lol.

Yep, I am a cheerleader…go figure? : )

My friends and I got together a few days ago and had some pictures taken as a going away thing for our friend who is leaving…I cropped them out…lol. Props for Photoshop.

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