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purple flying monkey's are cool!


.:*name// Rebecca
*:.age/birthday// Almost 15! 14 more days! Aug 17th 1989
.:*location// Dearborn Mi
* Female

Do you..

.:*do drugs//nooo


.:*coffee or hot chocolate//Coffee
*:.pants or skirts//SkiRts<33 i love them!
.:*t-shirt or tank-top// Tank Tops/Camis. they r really comfy! ;-)
*:.sweater or sweatshirt//Sweatshirt...i like to scrub out sumtimes, but who doznt?:-)

What are your views on...

.:*gay marriage// Im not for it at all...but thats just my opinion. everybody is intitles to it. but whatever floats their boats!
*:.abortion//Im against it. Even if its just a still has a beating heart and its murder.
.:*war// Its sad. Especially if its for pointless reasons. People should kill other people just to prove a point.

Tell me//About..

.:*life// I love life. Its fun!! You shouldnt worry about anything and just smile!
*:.relationships// Boys can be retarted. But i love them neways...where would we be w/o our guys? haha
.:*a joke//How do you make holy water? youo burn the hell outta it =0) haha i know it was corny
*:.a funny story//my friend was prank calling people...and shes like the funniest person i know and my friend was laughing so hard she peed her pants was great

 me and my friend were pretending we were gansters was great

 me being a trucker...i hate this picture:-x

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