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hard being beautiful
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1. you must have at least 3 pictures, one MUST be a face shot.
2. you MUST use an lj cut, if you dont know how.. all you do is put <*lj-cut*> in front of your text and then <*/lj-cut*> after the text (remove the *'s)
3. you may comment on other entries but you may not vote untill you have been accepted, otherwise you will be banned.
4. there will be NO nudity, remember.. this is a rating community, not a porno site
5. if you cannot handle insults... please do not try out for this community, the members have the right to speak thier mind... and PLEASE do not try out and then bitch about things members say, your opening yourself up to their opinions
6. if you start shit with any of the members you may be banned, remember their the ones you depend on to get in, id be nice.
7. remeber that what people say in here may not be true.. so dont take anything too literally, different people have different opinions... you just might not be cut out for this communtiy, but there are others
8. you must post your pics within 24 hours of joining
10. also, fill out the survey and put it behind your lj-cut along with your pictures, where it says promote please tell someone about us and link us back to where you posted or commented, thank you... and good luck!!

lj username: xxstarsfallxx
AIM: xxfalling down

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